Thursday, September 29, 2011

back in the day

I'm feeling nostalgic today.

Just for a change of pace, I would like to meet a family for whom dealing with a critically ill child didn't also include:

dueling restraining orders,

the need to call Security to escort various family members out of the waiting room,

cavity searches,

reviewing the specifics of parole conditions to see if a registered sex offender can visit in a pediatric hospital even if escorted by security,

the need for DNA testing to prove who the father 'really' is

and demands for having every physical and financial need of the family met by the healthcare system: (Where's the cable TV; I need gas money; I need meal tickets for me and 8 of my closest friends; My car needs new tires and I can't take him home without them; I ran out of my prescription and I'm starting to hear the voices again)!

And my favorite? - people coming to the bedside of a dying child, screaming and crying and carrying on - and being unable to tell staff the name of the child they're there to see!

I would have LOVED to hear Obama address some of these realities in his healthcare reform bill!

Folks today have heard that all the worlds a stage - unfortunately, they think it's the set of the Jerry Springer show.

Since when is it OK to "act the fool" in every situation?

Remember the days when there was ONE set of parents; no step, half or 'play' siblings, babys daddy, babys 'other' mama, daddys mamma, daddys fathers fiancees sister...?

No, neither do I; it's been too long.

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