Tuesday, September 6, 2011

can you hear me now?

Chica, there was NOTHING subtle 
about our conversation...

how could you have turned off your ability to reason 
and dug yourself into a such a deep hole?

Three frickin times I told you what the consequences would be...

I begged you to back down from saying 
you were going to take him and leave AMA.

It wasn't a pissing contest; 
I was trying to warn you about what was coming.

It was a holiday and I'm old.
Do you honestly think I couldn't have thought of a thousand other things I'd rather be doing 
instead of "getting in your business"?

Maybe if you and your posse hadn't given staff so much to work with all weekend...

maybe if you'd been watching your kid better in the first place 
so he didn't get into an unmarked baggie of pills 
and have a toddler pharm party
that left him seizing and unconscious...

maybe if you, your old man and his 17 yr old girlfriend 
hadn't gotten into a wrestling match in the waiting room 
that drew a bigger audience than the latest pay-per-view...

maybe if, when your now conscious 
but still disoriented 5 yr old 
threatened to take a knife and slit your throat and the throats of all the nurses caring for him, 
you hadn't answered angrily, "I'll slit your throat first"...


I told you - again, 3 times - 
that the doctors wouldn't let you just walk out of the building with him 
as long as his heart enzymes were high enough to induce cardiac irregularities 
which could lead to sudden death.

That's called imminent risk...
and that's the basis for taking custody.

Your response - 
"that's a fuckin lie; there's nothing they can do to stop me" - 
just shows how sadly misinformed you chose to be, 
despite all our efforts to orient you to reality.

He's in custody 
and you and your whole family are forbidden to be in the building.

Don't know about YOU, 
but that sure as hell isn't how I intended to spend my holiday!

What does it take to get some folks attention?
(sorry, somehow "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" 
just didn't seem enough today!)

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