Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear single mom who took 3 hours of my life today -

Trust me on this one.

 I know how hard it is to find someone to date - 
someone with any redeeming features 
other than being upright and breathing.

Throw in finding someone with a job, intellect,
a sense of humor and any morals at all
and you can almost hear strains of 
"To Dream the Impossible Dream".

When your friends told you to check 'the lists',
I suspect they meant
Craig's List,
or Match. com;
all dicey in my opinion
but to each her own!

They certainly didn't mean the states Sex Offenders Registry!

The fact that your last 3 boyfriends have all been on that list, however, 
is neither random nor a coincidence!
You must be shopping that list with some regularity

As hard as it may be to envision life by yourself,
there ARE, in fact, worse things than you being alone.

Just ask your 2 yr old daughter.

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