Thursday, September 5, 2013


the economy, equal rights, gun control, environmental issues, 
reforming the tax system, the budget, sequestration, the right to privacy, 
mental health for veterans, repairing our nations infrastructure,
accessible healthcare for everyone,
unemployment, equitable pay, reproductive health,
genetic engineering of food we put in our bodies,
the continuing mortgage and housing crisis,
abuses perpetrated by con artists working on Wall Street... 

the list goes on and on..
and, for all these issues, 
Congress can't get their act together.

But for bombing and committing acts of aggression
in the Middle East -
without any other country backing us
or putting their resources,
human or otherwise on the line  -  
bound to piss off terrorists and every wannabe jihadist 
and suck us still deeper
into the black hole that is that part of the world-
THIS they can all get behind.


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