Monday, September 9, 2013

We are not amused

Au contraire...
some of us were.
Is there any other mother of adult children out there who was as amused as I was this morning with the news report that Prince Andrew (5th in line to the English throne) was told to get “down on the ground and spread ‘em” when he was stopped as an intruder by the Palace Security Guards?

I certainly hope the Queen didn’t waste this opportunity to say, “Don’t complain to me about my Security team not even recognizing you; maybe, if you came home more often to visit, they wouldn’t think you were a total stranger!

Imagine my disappointment when I heard she wasn’t even there.
She’s still ‘vacationing’ at the summer residence in Scotland!

 Isn’t that just like an adult son? ….  coming around when you’re not even home – bet it was grab some food or get something of his out of his old room!

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