Monday, September 22, 2014


doesn't become me.
I've not been doing it purposefully;
its felt more like protecting the unknown.

It still does,
but this is my space
and it wouldn't be fully mine 
if I didn't say what's going on
in my life.

10 days ago,
I posted an application for Missionary service 
(through our National Church); 
indicating I would consider 
either an overseas posting
or a position in the States.

I heard from the Director on Friday - 
both Ecuador and a reservation stateside are in the mix
and my resume is being 'shopped around' 
to Bishops throughout the world.

Once again,
I'm equal measures of terrified and excited;
but I've been here before 
with the whole "hearing from God to change my life, 
retiring, leaving a career of 35 years and
walking the Camino thing"...

and that was exactly the right thing to do.

'International service' is the last item 
on the mental 'bucket list' I made in high school;
at the time, I thought it would be through the Peace Corps,
but working for the church I love seems to be a better fit.

We'll see...
I better get back to practicing my Spanish!

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