Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weighing in ...

No, not that
(that's all going fine, thank you very much!)
I mean on the whole Ray Rice,
wife beater thing.

Y'all know I've been taking the high road;
avoiding any thing related to my former life.
But this latest debacle has me puzzled.

Don't get me wrong.
I abhor domestic violence.
I don't care if its spouse abuse OR child abuse;
its the same thing
for the same reason.

Its about power,
not love;
about intimidation,
not intimacy.
And it's always wrong.
Keep your damn hands to yourself.
Use your words.

I think his wife is an idiot for staying with him and thinking it will never happen again.
she isn't the first to deceive herself and stay with an abuser;
she sure as hell won't be the last either.

No, what puzzles me is what that has to do with his job?
He gets paid to tackle people on the football field.
Is he doing that well -  or not?

What does his private life have to do with his job performance?

I don't care at what point the NFL got the videotapes;
it's not your employers job to be conducting investigations
into what you do in your non-work time.

Do we really want to go there?
With our bosses spying into how we spend our private time?

I've taken plenty of histories from families of
judges, attorneys, shop clerks, teachers, priests, salesmen, and truck drivers -
all of whom have been subsequently charged with some form of domestic violence.
Not one of them lost their jobs because of it.

WHY are football players held to a different standard?

and another question -

Like I said;
I'm puzzled.

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