Sunday, September 21, 2014

Suddenly, it's fall!

The Vintage Fair made me realize that Christmas will be here before I know it -
but I need to enjoy FALL first!

So, out came the boxes with all the Halloween and pumpkin decorations 
and now my house is ready!
(Don't you LOVE Traders Joe's flowers?)

More than ready actually; 
I'm trying to get each 'season' down to one box of decorations 
so the house isn't so overwhelmingly 
fall, Christmas, spring, Easter, etc...

you get the drift, right?

But, when you're a collector,
(repeat after me, 
I am NOT a hoarder, I am NOT a hoarder...)
it's hard!

These are all favorites I 'cherry picked' from the boxes downstairs...

The items that didn't make the cut this year
will be auctioned off at a church event/fundraiser for Missions!

Just because I don't want them anymore 
doesn't mean someone else won't!

Win/win as far as I'm concerned!

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