Friday, September 19, 2014

In a word...

Thank God for retirement - 
and being able to go on the first day!

What FUN!

SO much to tempt;
so many great ideas...

Not that I need anything else!

But if I did, 
THIS wreath would have come home with me!
or maybe THIS one -
 with this one for my bedroom!
AND this one with lights for my brother in law -
OMG, this has his name written all over it!
Did someone say Santa?
Here ya go!
I reframed from all but bits and bobs that I'll use for making Christmas gifts
but I was sorely tempted!

Am already excited for the next one!

At least with antiquing and flea marketing its recycling -
and re-creating!

I'll show you MY creations as I make them!

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