Monday, September 8, 2014

Its not ALL waiting...

Its not like I'm expecting
a sign to fall down from heaven telling me what to do or anything - 
although wouldn't THAT be helpful 
and convenient  - 
and scary as all get out!
I'm on the look out though, 
just in case!

I'm enjoying life,
sleeping with windows wide open,
the beginning of sweater weather
and all the street fairs that invite you
to come outside and celebrate
just how much creativity there is in the world - 
even if you didn't get a lick of it! 
Spent time wandering around at the Alternative Art Fair
at Schlafly Bottleworks...
wishing I was independently wealthy...

SO many artists whose works spoke to me.

I swear I could bring every one of her works home - 
as it was I only bought 2!

 Odd, I know... 
but consider who was buying it!

This one spoke to me of voyages and adventures 
being taken by creatures not fully formed -
or just newly hatched -
and what could be a better description of where I am 
right now!
It looks great right by my bed -
and makes me smile every time I see it.

This one evoked circuses and magic and fun -
and who couldn't use more of that in their lives, right?

I love them both!

This textile artist makes things from old sweaters
that she's repurposed and felted;
aren't they wonderful?

And THIS chick

While her jewelry was colorful and very appealing, 
it was her small wall sculptures that knocked me out.
She's just started creating them -
and doesn't have a website set up yet, 
but if you're interested, 
let me know and I'll shoot you her email.
I swear I could have a whole wall of these!

I did buy some jewelry - 
and it looks GREAT on a fall sweater!
Yup, it's already been inaugurated...
I don't buy stuff I don't use, ya know!
What a terrific afternoon!
Would have been better if I'd seen some of YOU there.
We could have swung by the antique malls nearby
on our way home.

Never mind,
I went without you!

I'd show you 'the smalls' I bought
but I'm turning them into Christmas presents -
and, if you play your cards right,
YOU might be getting one!

One of the stores is just open for the first 7 days of the month...
maybe THATS the kind of job I need!
While it might be a good idea,
I don't think it's a sign!

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usuallyemily said...

I love those wall sculptures! Also!! What antique mall has all those shutters? I have been looking for shutters! I'm going to send my mom over there with some measurements!