Monday, September 29, 2014


I'll admit it was the name that got me first:
Strange Folks Festival
and then the location:
rural Illinois.

What would that even look like?
Farmers who didn't wear bib overalls?
Farmwives tarted up with lip rouge?

THIS I had to see for myself - 
and I'm so glad I did!

There were peaceful places of respite 
for kids and adults alike

and vendors selling repurposed, 
re-imagined items.

I saw mostly 'normal people':
if by normal you include   
older 'hippies' and the newer generations versions 
tatted, pierced and with rainbow hair -
which I do!

People who value hand produced crafts 
over commercially made,

and old, 
with a twist.
In short - 
my tribe!

If these folks are strange,
then the world needs more just like them

It was wonderful; 
can't wait to go again next year!!

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