Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Be still my heart...

See this man?
He's the reason I survived the Bush years!

Watching West Wing, 
pretending that my President was an attractive, liberal, 
ethical guy 
(well, quasi-ethical - what can I say, power corrupts)
instead of the smarmy frat boy 
who actually resided at 1600!

I'll be honest,
my fantasies were always evenly split
between Josiah and Leo,
with a mini crush on Josh -
although I was happy to let another 'Donna' have him;
but never Sam. 
Even in my fantasies,
 I was realist enough to know
I never had a chance with such an Ivy League rich hottie -  
clearly out of my league.
Then Martin Sheen made a movie about the Camino -
and I was hooked even more deeply!

It didn't matter that I'd heard of the Camino years before;
he walked it,
he suffered,
he found himself again -
and did it all while looking fantastically 'older'!
He's in St Louis tonight at the Speakers series - 
and I have tickets!

Screw Cardinals baseball...
I'm headed to Powell for an early birthday celebration!

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