Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Craft

aka giving books new life - 
and keeping me occupied and off the streets!

A  new book store opened recently in our neighborhood

besides a terrific selection of books 
and locally made gifts,
they're offering classes 
featuring paper ephemera!
SO right up my alley!

I treated myself to two classes this week - 
and am so glad I did!

do NOT look closely at these projects 
if your Type A is on overdrive.

My projects are NOT perfect - 
in fact, I cut the book 
out of which I made the pumpkin upside down

which would drive some folks crazy -
me, not so much!
After all, I'm not going to read it!

While the sample for paper wreath class was featured with darling black bats on it,
I decided I had enough Halloween stuff around 
and what I really wanted was a hostess gift for my niece 
who's having the entire Chicago family over to her house 
for Thanksgiving.

So I went with a more winter seasonal theme - 
which I think will be perfect for her!
 ignore those pesky pumpkins in the background - 
think Christmas!

Love it!

And, since they can be made in less than two hours,
don't be surprised if they show up again 
as Christmas presents for even more of my friends!

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