Monday, October 20, 2014

Playing dress up

I'll be honest...

as much as my house looks like Halloween threw up in it,
I'm NOT a big one 
for getting dressed up in costumes!

I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on therapy 
in an effort to STOP pretending 
to be someone I'm not.

Halloween feels counterproductive
to those efforts.

when a friend asks you to a Fall fundraiser at her church -
a Trivia night -
why wouldn't I say 'Yes'?

I never dreamed it was a costume Trivia night - 
say WHAT?

Our table was themed as Zombie Pirates!
WhAt the wHaT?

Good grief!

Luckily, I have adult sons 
who frequently don outfits and assume alter egos...
trust me, 
I don't ask for details!

But a phone call
and drop off later - 
I was set!

I no longer fear a zombie apocalypse - 
as I actually prefer a 'smoky eye' for evening;

wearing it all the time would be no problem at all!

Trivia nights are SO humbling, aren't they?
Makes you realize how many things you're NOT paying attention to!
(We got 1 answer right in the sport category - 
frankly I was surprised we got any!)

Our table was comfortably average 
in the total number we got right,
but the food was wonderful
and the companionship even better -
so the evening was a total win!

 Only at a church Trivia night, 
would a couple show up as Psalm 23 - 
Thy Rod and Thy Staff!
(insert groan here!)

I even won a Silent Auction item - 
a picnic for 10 at a friends farm!
Can't wait to claim THAT prize!
There will be serious girl time and wine involved!
(and, of course, pictures.)

A lovely weekend to be sure.

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