Thursday, October 30, 2014

Busy, busy...

will be glad when this week is over 
and I can get some rest!

There's been a Camino presentation to over 60 people 
(which netted me two more speaking engagements)
and cooking and cleaning
during 3 events in the church kitchen - 

 a Bishops brunch
(which may have fast tracked a missionary placement)

Halloween Fellowship Dinner

and a Women's Dinner about a new Diocesan project.

My homemade Halloween costume was a huge success
with the added prop of the bifocals!
OK, lets get real -
they weren't a prop, 
I needed them!

Sad that the Royals weren't as huge a success
and didn't bring the World Series 'crown' home to MO
but it was a great post season.

A Cabaret performance to go to tonight -
and then I'm taking some days off!

How did I ever find time to work!?

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