Monday, October 27, 2014

More Halloween images and memories

Who else remembers Trick or Treating with your posse?
It was never by yourself....
at a minimum, 
there were 3!
We carried pillowcases -
not trusting flimsy paper bags or plastic pumpkins
in which to store our loot.

We'd come home several times to dump out the contents...
and head back out to gather more! 

There was NO curfew -
yet we always made it home by 9pm!

No adult supervision required or wanted!

Were there certain houses in  your neighborhood that were deemed 'too scary' to go to?
Yup, mine too!

More likely, 
certain occupants that were seen as too frightening or mean...

At the end of the night, 
we'd dump everything out on the floor and
separate out the 'good' candy 
(the Snickers, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Hershey or Heath bars)
 from the losers
 (Milk Duds, Dum dums, Dots, candy corn, APPLES - yuck!)
The best stuff would be devoured by Nov 2nd;
the rest would stay in the bowl until right before Christmas 
when it would be dumped in the trash
to make room for fresh stock from Santa! 
My boys did the same things too...
Ah, nothing like 'tradition'!

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