Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everything's up to date in Kansas City...

and every fountain is blue - 
in honor of the Royals!

It was so endearing 
to see how excited everyone in KC is to be in the World Series.

The Cardinals are in the playoffs SO often, 
we tend to be jaded on this side of the state...
not so much
on the west side of MO.
The last time they saw post season play was in the mid 90's!

I made a quick midweek trip to see my son in KC and
take in an exhibit at the Nelson on the Plains Indians.

It couldn't have been more perfect!

The exhibit, 
Plains Indians, artists of earth and sky,
was fabulous!
It will be up until Jan 11th, so there's still time for you to see it!

Many of the objects displayed, 
both ancient and contemporary,
 haven't ever been seen in the US;
they were collected by Europeans and only shown overseas.

 I loved this spirit bag,
used by a medicine man,

 a beaded belt and household objects 
which would have been used by a young girl,

 this Ghost Dance drum,

 exquisite beadwork,

a contemporary Lakota star quilt
 and a collage tribute to the massacre and battles at Wounded Knee.

I was also able to see some new works of Mikes

and stay with him in his studio/loft - 
always better than staying in a hotel!

Nothing I love more than being with one of my favorite people,
seeing his world 
and feeling all the energy that surrounds him every day.

Oh yeah -
and eating great food
 and junking...

 Like I said;
it couldn't have been better!

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