Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brave new world

Well, I DID buy a new car - completely on line.
It helped that I knew exactly what I wanted, I didn't need a test drive and I wasn't trading another vehicle in, but still, the idea that I could do this with no face to face interaction boggles my mind.

Here's how it happened -

I was on the computer, reading US News and World Report reviews of cars for 2012 - just to see what 'the pros' said about the car I wanted - and there was a section of the usual demographic information to 'fill in' if you wanted to be hooked up "with a dealer close to you" who could give you 'the special US News best price'.

SOOOO, I filled it in (just to see what would happen) - and up popped a dealership -
halfway across the state!

Really? - "close to you".
I don't think so.

Yet, within 20 minutes, I was contacted by them - by both email and phone - asking me to confirm what I wanted, what I wanted to pay and what financing I needed to seal the deal.

We talked numbers and, while they were great, I said I couldn't see myself driving so far to pick up a new car. The logistics of getting out there and getting back - juggling two cars, time off from work and involving family or friends and their time off - made my head hurt.
Basically I said a polite "Thanks but no thanks".

The sales person suggested I look locally and see if anyone could beat their offer.

I did - and they couldn't.

SO I called back the mid-state dealer on Saturday - and they drove the car I wanted to my door step on Monday night!

I signed paperwork in the comfort of my dining room
and the deed was done!

Two nice retired guys, who deliver cars for some extra cash, drove both cars out - and even apologized for taking time off for a dinner break - and no, they didn't eat in my new car!
No hassle or time off for me = total win/win!

Now GI Joe and I get to drive my old car to KC this coming weekend to give it to Art Boy and help celebrate his birthday!

Road trips - - some I like and some I like more when I don't have to take them!

Excuse the delusion of grandeur in making me the Queen in St Louis...but that's how I'm feeling - what with a new car and 'people' to do my bidding and all!

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