Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The tale of two naughty puppies

– and one forgetful owner!

There once were two VERY spoiled fluffy dogs – tho' to be truthful, one was a real bitch.

They had everything dogs could want… long walks in lovely parks, a shabby chic room in which to lounge away the hours as their human was out toiling in the salt mines hospital to make money and a large fenced back yard where they could explore, laze on the deck,

chase squirrels and practice their acrobatic skills in case the circus ever decided that a poodle act needed to stage a comeback.

But these puppies KNEW a larger world existed… they knew because they had been born in a foreign land (Wisconsin) and had traveled to majestic places like Iowaland, the Land of Lincoln and Kansas City – where everything really IS up to date – with sights and smells that were amazing; not to mention two of their favorite people.

Their lady was always coming and going – thanks even more to the shiny new black thing with wheels… she’d even found space to make it its own kennel and she was strict about putting it in there when she was home.

But she didn’t seem to realize that wanderlust was in their blood too.

So one night, the coldest night of the year so far, when the lady was too distracted from her comings and goings, she came into the house through the kennel door – and forgot to close the gate on the driveway!

They were nothing if not resourceful.
They saw the opportunity and they made their escape.

They ran and they ran and they ran some more… into neighborhoods they had never smelled before; past gas stations, train tracks, down creek beds, seeing bright lights – and it was garbage night, so the buffet of left overs was irresistible.

They felt like Charlie Sheen on a binge… intoxicated and so crazy they thought they were WINNING!

But after 7 hours, long after the sun had set and the drizzle, mixed with snow, had started, they realized they didn’t know where they were… and all they wanted was their water bowl, their food and the oriental rugs cushioning their feet.

Street life had lost its appeal.

So they let themselves be caught by a man who had other dogs and didn’t like seeing them hiding under a big rig.
He took them home to be part of his pack.
But they didn’t like it there and they barked and barked and barked - they are very loud whiners – and the man decided they wanted to go home.

So he took them to a 24 hour doctor who found their chips, called their lady and, at 1 AM, she came to rescue them.

She drove them home where they were so tired from running their marathon they could barely get up the stairs.

But once inside, they decided that maybe there really is no place like home – and that, for some, road trips are highly over rated!

They were found 7 miles away ~ I think that’s 49 miles in dog years!

No wonder they didn’t respond as GI Joe, his fiancée and I were driving around the neighborhoods in our town for 4 hours shouting for them!

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