Thursday, November 17, 2011

The world I want...

A world where we help each other out

and where parents love and protect their children.

The world I have...

a world where a mom brings her 8 yr old to the ER because her "tweedle-de-dee" is chaffed - only to find out it's because her father has been teaching her to shave it "so she can always be his little girl"... all together now... yuuccckkk!

Bet he'd think this is the perfect Christmas present for her.

All together now - WTH?
Talk about a niche market!
(Or do the chinese think this is what we're all like?)

Then there was the mom who got a text message, right after having sex with her boyfriend (and the father of her 6 week old baby), that the ex-girlfriend was also pregnant by him.
So, of course, Mom went to confront him as he was in the babys' room, found him 'masturbating the baby', so she stabbed him 15 times with scissors and slammed him upside the head with a frying pan, then called police to turn HIM in for being a sexual predator!

Turns out he pulled the foreskin back on his sons uncircumcised penis as part of changing the babys' diaper - thinking he was helping mom.

But dad did have outstanding warrants, so both parents are in custody and the baby went into foster care from our ER because NO relative could pass a background check and come out clean!

And that was our morning!

Can I go live in a parallel universe now, please??

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