Friday, November 4, 2011

Speed dating

Yeah; it felt like that.

I’m buying a new car.

I went into the dealership knowing exactly what I wanted: make, model and specific features.

I told the sales person assigned to me what my requirements were and, since I was on my way to work, told her she had about 45 minutes to show me what she had on the lot and convince me why I should buy a car from them and not go someplace else.

OK, maybe I was a bit brusque but, not only is that how I roll … I had done my homework, didn’t have time to listen to bullshit and, at my core, resent having to pay more for a new car than I paid for my first house.

She showed me the 2 possibilities on the lot, assured me that “the good ones go fast” and I’d better “snap up one that was available” – even though both colors were atrocious.

I’m sure there’s someone who wants a car that’s either turquoise (calling it ‘teal green’ didn’t fool me for a minute) or rotting pumpkin orange (euphemistically named ‘copper’) but that someone is SO not me!

When I told her that neither of them would work and asked her to check the shipping invoice to see when other color options were coming in, her first response was “Why wait? I’ll bet you’d learn to like whatever you got.”

Little sister, what I’ve got is about 35 years on you, so trust me when I say - I’ve tried that, I didn’t, I’m not willing to settle and I’ll wait for what I want.

Speed dating: yeah, it felt just like that.

I didn’t buy anything then either.

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