Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Art Boy

My oldest son is an artist, a creator, and truth be told among friends, I stand in awe.

I can't even imagine the work - and ego strength - involved with creating a piece of art, putting it on display and opening yourself up to everyone's judgments, comments and possible rejection of something that's basically an extension of you and your vision of the world!

And, God knows, he doesn't paint because it's letting him live in the lap of luxury... he paints and draws and sketches and creates because he can't NOT do it; it's his passion; it's his calling.

And, again, I'm humbled by his willingness to live - in circumstances that many people in our consumer driven world would find unacceptable - in order to be true to who he is.

Sweet man,
I wish you a year of happiness and courage.
I wish you a year of learning wonderful things.
I wish you a year full of friends, old and new.
I wish you a year of exploration and a year of confidence.
I wish you a year full of laughter.

I love you so very much.

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