Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some days I don't know whether to laugh or cry

Some days, I end up doing both.

I was interviewing a 4 yr old child covered with bruises and loop marks from head to toe.

His lab work indicated he had sustained blunt abdominal trauma so I wasn't surprised when he told me his mom "stomped on him 4 times".

Then he said, "I was saying 'Police, police, police, but they didn't come".
I reassured him that the police were here now and we were all going to make sure he was safe.
When I shared his comments with the Police and the State SW, the investigative worker burst into tears. Seems she had responded to a call about another incident of abuse less than a month ago.

Since the mom didn't have a history with the State, the Judge made them leave the kids in the home and start Intensive In Home services.
The state worker told this child, at that time, if his mom ever hurt him again, he was to tell an adult or call the police.

Guess she should have realized how literal kids that age are, been more specific and told him to use a phone!

When is this country, and the judiciary, gonna finally wake up and realize that some women simply shouldn't have kids?

Oh.... her excuse for beating this kid?
She looked at him and he reminded her of his father - the father who was arrested last month for murdering a woman while she was lying next to her toddler.
Her crime? She 'allowed' herself to get pregnant by him again. (Which of course put a crimp in his relationship with our patients mother)

When are we gonna get that some men shouldn't be reproducing either?

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