Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of Thanks



Thank you for what I possess but do not realize I possess,

and for what I own that does not own me,

for what I want but am better off without,

for what I used but did not use up,

for what used me but did not use me up.

And, thank you for what I despise but can’t live without.

Thank you for what I grasp as I reach out my hand,

for what is close, for what presses up against me,

for what does not run away or chase me away,

for what I threw away but fell close,

and thank you for what you hold just outside my reach.

Thank you for what I embrace and what embraces me,

thank you for what I lost twice but found again,

for temptations that do not overwhelm,

for the newness of strangers and the pleasure of friends,

and for the peace that rises up and surprises me.

May you have many reasons for giving 'Thanks' this day.

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