Saturday, December 3, 2011

I think...

there's something seriously wrong with our judicial system when Casey Anthony is out walking free and an Amish man shaving off the beards of men not in his sect is denied bail and kept in jail for 'hate crimes'.

I also think it's the very definition of 'irony' that his name is Mullet.
I swear... you can't make this stuff up!

I think anyone who uses an adjective as their child's legal first name is automatically guilty of child abuse.

How in the world is "Big Bubba", Smokin Hot" or "Little Porker" going to interview for a job at 25 with that ridiculous name?
I mean, other than working in the food service industry.
(and, for you skeptics, yes, these have really been the 'real' first names of children passing through the ER over the years - just in case you're thinking , like we did, that no one would have the poor taste to name their kids some 'holler' name like those!)

Let's hope those kids have more sense than their parents and, as soon as they can talk, insist on shortening it to initials - like BB - or better yet, Sam!

I think it's absolutely perfect that Kris Humphries is seeking an annulment, rather than a divorce from Kim Kardashian.
He's right; a marriage never took place.
It was a scripted two hour special.

I think people should realize that there's no situation so bad that drinking or adding drugs to the mix can't make it worse.
Trust me on this one... as the child of an alcoholic and as a single mother, I know whereof I speak!

I think it's ridiculous that people are shocked there's a tracking device on their cell phones... how did you think they were going to tell you where the closest Starbucks, Pizza Hut or big box store was if it didn't know exactly where you were?
Which is only one reason why I haven't upgraded my phone since I got it - back at the turn of the century - seriously, it still has a pull up antennae!

Laugh now...guess who can still go undetected anywhere I want?

I think anyone who stands by and watches as 'their man' kicks their child so hard in the stomach he passes out and doesn't move, eat or drink for two days deserves a special corner in hell.
And no, you don't get time knocked off because you brought him to the ER when his breathing stopped.

I also think having to look a 4yr old child in the eye as he says to please help him, he doesn't want to die is a hard way to earn a living.

What do you think?

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Mark said...

I love your take on the first names, lol, funny. And yes, the system is a bit out of wack, And as far as the dad kicking the child, there isn't a place in hell hot enough for that guy.