Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What floats YOUR boat?

Early museums began as the private collections of wealthy individuals, families or institutions of rare or curious natural objects and artifacts. (OK...that part's still true).

These "public" museums, however, were often accessible only by the middle and upper classes. It could be difficult to gain entrance.
(Thanks, Wikipedia, for reminding me how lucky we are today that somethings have changed for the better.)

Crystal Bridges admission is free.
You can go on line and make 'reservations' since they state they try to control the 'flow' by allowing 30 people in every half hour.

We arrived 1+ hours before our 'allotted time', had absolutely no problem getting in early and noticed plenty of people arriving without reservations who were also graciously accommodated. Maybe that's an aberration because the facility is still new and it was midweek, but we experienced nothing but the best aspect of 'southern hospitality'.

There are galleries of Temporary Exhibitions, Colonial to Early 19th Century Art, Late 19th Century Art, Early 20th Century Art and 20th Century Art.
Don't know the difference?
Me either... and it doesn't matter... there's something for everyone!

We'll keep it simple - not for you, but because I am.

And, with all apologies to the brilliant artists whose names I don't know, whose styles I haven't studied, the meanings of whose artistic renderings I don't fully comprehend, I'm posting images here of works that spoke to me - for whatever reason - created in whatever era, appreciating that we all might like different things!

Art is no different than other human endeavor in that it takes all kinds!

You like landscapes?

Do you prefer pictures that tell a story or invite you to create one of your own making?

This one below, titled "The Song", I initially gave only a passing glance to, thinking it merely showed two typical Victorian women trying to occupy themselves with 'pursuits' in the midst of opulence.

Upon further reflection though, I'm convinced it's not a female at the piano but a man - and he might be naked! I don't know about you but I think this one might just as aptly be titled "the Headache"... as in, not tonight, dear...

I somehow don't think she's buying whatever siren song is being played!!

Maybe studies of people is more your style...

No doubt about it; peoples taste in art is as different as night...

and day.

Oh wait, sculpture will be tomorrow!

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