Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just no end to ugly nativities!

And I can tell you're having fun locating them!!

The sad reality is that someone must be buying them - or they wouldn't exist, right??

MORE cats?!
How many crazy cat ladies are there?

Moose, really?

I'm picturing a log cabin, a lumberjack in a plaid shirt...
a pervy lumberjack...really, really, isolated and lonely

Where are the conservatives?
Shouldn't they be up in arms about cross species mating?
(A fox and a deer would produce a raccoon? really?
Not to mention, there's NO such thing as an angelic squirrel!!)

and, while not a Nativity, even the church staff Christmas party was not immune to seasonal ugliness...

a Darwinian Madonna and child?...
an evolutionary Jesus and Mary? ...

hey, at least it was a 'gag' gift!

Is it wrong that my first thought was... I didn't know Mary needed glasses!?

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