Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spark of genius

Installations in one room made me smile - and wonder at artists creativity, skill and patience.

This ceramic sculpture had me laughing out loud.
It's titled "Bad Lawn"...

and had me thinking that I'm sitting on a gold mine!
My backyard looks just like this!!

Another creation was made entirely from snippets of cut paper...

who has the patience for this - or the vision?

And this wonderful creation of light and shadow

was created from individual flowers and petals painfully and lovingly stitched together.

And, at one end of the room, this is what you see...

yet looking through the tiny viewing ball, you see the whole picture right side up.

Further inspection also reveals that the whole image is created by spools of thread on chains!

Say what??


Frickkin' unbelievable, right?!

Who sees a spool of thread and sees the potential for this?
And then has the patience and perseverance to pull it off?

Allowing all of us to see how genius works is only ONE gift of this museum.

Don't think because you've seen these images, you don't have to go see them in person.

If you've ever got the chance - and I'd suggest you make the chance - go to Crystal Bridges!!

You won't be sorry.

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