Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Virgin a Day - sign me up!

Found a wonderful idea this morning and I'm totally IN!
You KNOW how much I love Mary!!

each year beginning december 1,

i post "a virgin a day" every day until december 12,

mary's feast day.

today i am

calling all virgins...

enchanting, traditional, contemporary,

exotic, edgy, campy, irreverent, irresistible,

unusual, joyful, rapturous, lovely,

glorious, ordinary, astounding,


bring her on!

i hope you will join me in a pilgrimage of marys.

feel free to re-post this invitation on your blog,

and link back to

recuerda mi corazon.

as december grows busier we will

quietly greet the new day one mary at a time.

I'll be posting 'my' Mary at night... and quietly ending my days with her instead!

1 comment:

rebecca said...

dear donna,

welcome! so lovely to have you join in, morning or really is a heart warming experience that grows with excitement each day. because really, who can ever get enough mary?