Thursday, November 29, 2012

Change of seasons

It's amazing to me how, despite the beauty of one season and how luxurious it can be,

in the blink of an eye, I'm ready to move on.

Getting ready for Christmas has been no easy task this year... monitoring Oreo is a full time job - and there's no way I can decorate on my usual 'scale' until I know how she'll do with all the hoopla.

So I'm scaling back - which to my youngest son is a huge joke - his exact words were "What, 9 trees instead of 12, Mom?"
No, smart ass... 1 big tree and 5 feather trees... in fact, I think I'll make it all about the trees this year...

OK, maybe a few favorite Santas

some angels,

some favorite works of art,

and, of course, favorite stories
There, almost ready...
the 'big tree' is still to go - but that won't get done until this weekend!

How are YOU coming with getting in the spirit of Christmas?


aimee said...

I need your motivation! At this rate, I will not be celebrating the holiday's!

Donna said...

Up to you to make those memories for your girls.. come on, Mama!! :) Or, you could bring them over here!