Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parti on...

headed back up north to stay with my nephew and his wife overnight

and then pick up Oreo and bring her home!

Her latest 'report card' said 
"she wins for being the most compliant puppy. 
This girl just melts into every situation. 
She's super sweet!"

Keep your fingers crossed that all that hype is true!

PS: for those who have asked, she's a standard poodle; 
the 'parti' designation are for those SPoodles
that are 'part' one color and 'part' another.

Parti poodles are more common in the UK than they are in the US
but are believed to more truly represent what poodles originally looked like 
than the solid color circus or show animals
we associate with the breed today.

There are just SO many ways to go wrong with how poodles are portrayed!

Truth is... they're WAAYY cuter than that!

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