Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good morning...

at least for some of us!

After reviewing the issues, seeing how much I agreed or not, with different candidates

and looking back at other Presidents the parties had offered,

I was delighted to cast my vote yesterday - and even more delighted with the results!

Let's see how long all the talk from the other side about 'reaching across the aisle' lasts!!

It's now officially 8 more days until Oreo comes home!!
Saw her over the weekend - and she's a total love - I'm eager to get her home and into our routine!

Pearl had a great visit this weekend with her 'cousin', Scout, (even if he is a mongrel!); it was so much fun to see her as part of a 'pack' again!

Her life is about to get decidedly better!
(Isn't she gorgeous?!)

1 comment:

Mark said...

Love the post, and I too am happy with the results. I hope they cooperate this time.