Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shop Small Saturday

a reminder I certainly didn't need - 
that's about the only way I shop!

The only 'malls' I tolerate these days are antique malls. 
I don't go to any 'big box' stores 
and, as a single person, 
I simply don't need the quantity of anything 
that I feel the need to frequent 
chaotic 'membership' stores.

Nevertheless, this weekend,
I was delighted for the excuse 
to frequent my favorite stores - 
and frequent them I did!

From 9am - 3pm -
 immersing myself 
in all the quirky, 
 holiday offerings... 
what a visual delight!

See for yourself - 

Wouldn't this look terrific with a small Xmas tree on the seat?

Not for MY small house though...
Oh well; 
I'm content with my purchases...

a vintage blue tablecloth which is perfect 
for a new holiday look 
in the bathroom

an old wax scene which matches it perfectly

and old paper coasters from England 

which I might end up using to make a garland, 
or use as name tags on presents.

I haven't decided yet ...
what - 
like you've never bought things 
you weren't exactly sure 
how you'd use them!?

Hey, at less than $4.00,
they were a bargain!
I couldn't just leave them there!

Nothing major...
just enough in each store
to feel I was helping out
and treating myself 
at the same time.

I just might make shopping
small Saturdays
a weekly event!

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aimee said...

Looks like a great weekend!Btw I am counting down the days until I get to meet Oreo! I have dibs on her first!