Friday, November 16, 2012

Short stack and double stuffed...

'cause that's how some Oreos come!

She's home... we're adjusting well and, all told, I'm very pleased.
Although I suspect neither one of us was convinced at the beginning!

The right equipment helped...
I got a new soft sided crate for travel and it fit perfectly in the front passenger side seat - which is a good thing since she had a hard time settling down.
The first 45 minutes were NOT pleasant and I had visions of a hideous 5 hour trip.

Once I figured out that she was content to stay in the crate - as long as the mesh side was unzipped and she could look out - it made things MUCH easier!

The meeting between her and Pearl worked out well -

and, even though Oreo seems big for 8 weeks, it's hard to remember exactly how much growing she really will do!

She meet her other St Louis family last night...

GI Joe
 and the Fiancee!

Even handled night time well in her new retro crate - 
can I just say what a great idea it was 
for a removable top 
and wheels!

Wheeled that puppy right by the bed, 
took off the top, 
threw in my blouse from the day so she'd have my scent - 
and that was just about the last I heard from her for 8 hours!

She's relaxed enough to sleep in MANY places...
although I don't trust her potty skills yet, 
so keeping her confined is definitely in the cards!

I'll TRY not to make this a total puppy blog
but you WILL see more pics...

I admit it -
I'm smitten!

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