Friday, November 9, 2012

election post morteum

My favorite line of the whole election season was Brian Williams description of Donald Trump 
as "long since passing the last exit to Relevance"...

spot on!

Can't someone make this birther right wing nut job
go away!!!

I did MY part. 
I contacted NBC executives 
and told them I wouldn't be watching ANY of their programming
 until he was gone.

Not a big loss for me since I watch
either PBS or CBS...
not a big loss for them either, I guess,
since I'm just one person
and I'm sure he earns them millions.

Have to say it made ME feel better though!

I keep remembering what Nanny always said:
No one is useless, 
they can always serve as a bad example!

Also a reminder 
that money doesn't get you 
common sense
or good hair!

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