Thursday, November 8, 2012

The weekend

I realized that the 3 pictures I took this past weekend 
summed up what I experienced 

I’ve been trying to sort out what happened –
 how to convey the essence of events 
without telling stories 
which aren’t mine to tell.

Being cryptic and elusive isn’t my style 
but sometimes things aren’t about me – 
as shocking an admission as that is.

Suffice it to say; I loved being with family – 
even if things felt a bit out of focus. 

I loved seeing boys 
who are growing into men 
and friends 
who became family decades ago 
and know me as well as, 
if not better than, 
I know myself. 

Even when things feel ‘off', 
it’s better to be with them 
than to live 
in isolation. 

Sometimes though ‘big picture thinking’ 
doesn’t work; 
there are too many variables and - 
when the future is unclear for those I love - 
sometimes the best thing I can do 
is concentrate 
on the beauty 
of the small and everyday;
 the light and shadow 
which is part of every moment - 

and keep breathing… 

and keep praying… 

which, for me, have the same source and are really the same thing. 

It was a weekend of being joyfully 
and painfully alive 
and in relationship.

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