Saturday, January 26, 2013

A break

Headed out to see the oldest man-child - 
an artist who knows more 
about living on the margins-
in service to your passion-
than anyone else I know.

One night
when bitching 
and wishing 
that I knew 
how to draw 
or paint,
he laughed 
and said 

"Mom, it's not rocket science;
draw lines,
then add color.
Lose the fear
have some fun 
with it."

A loving eye roll accompanied 
'breakin' it down and keepin' it real'.

And the wonderfully freeing thing is...
when you have no set 'style'-
and no inherent talent -
the possibilities for play 
are endless!

Even when you know
your particular 'gift'
lies in another
arena entirely!

Go ahead and take time off from your self-doubt for the weekend. 
May the break be so freeing that you decide to make it permanent.
Emily Freeman

1 comment:

aimee said...

Have a great time! I just realized I am working for you on a full moon! Yikes!