Monday, January 28, 2013

Everything's up-to-date in ...

come on... you know it... at least you do if you were a fan of Broadway (or MGM) musicals in the 50's!
Straight from "Oklahoma'... every-thing's up to date in Kansas City!
Why is it I can't visit that place without that refrain echoing repetitively in my head?

It's not like I didn't have other words competing to be heard - and expressed.

A wonderful, albeit all too short, visit with Art Boy - filled with much to see, hear about from him and discuss. Lordy, I raised a deeply intuitive and expressive guy!

And I kept my promise of not having him 'pose' for any pictures this visit -

probably why he agreed to at least look at the camera while dining at Bo-Lings.
(Their eggplant tempura is to die for BTW!)

Spring was in the air with the unseasonably warm weather they've had - which felt totally out of sync - since when I left the Lou there was a coat of ice on my deck and street. 

A visit to the Nelson was good for a visual pick me up...

 yup; this is a painting. The artist totally nailed wood grain, right??

And, the 'amentities' cracked me up...
not ONE woman's bathroom - 

The choice was a Mens room - or a Family room!
There are some things that are just 'too' up date to suit me!
Guess I'm just not sophisticated enough for KC!

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