Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Artists garrett

OK, so he's not starving ... 
but his current living space is 5,000 sq feet 
on the top floor of a warehouse. 

Actually his living space, studio, 
studio space for two of his friends 
and a small shared gallery space 
are all in the warehouse. 
Such a change from the environment in which he grew up - 
and I still live.

It suits him though 
and I love to browse around 
when I visit 
and take in the sights...

from the entry way
 (through a wood shop on the ground floor of the warehouse)
to his bedroom
kitchen/living room
and even bathroom, 
paintings done by him and his friends are everywhere.

 I gave up, 
a long time ago, 
trying to make sense 
of what they mean
or represent
Trust me, 
it's easier 
to enjoy them 
that way!

Christmas presents
which neither of us wanted to chance
in the mail
were also exchanged.

Commemorative plates  (of our Jersey shore vacation)
made by him for us

and a lamp made for him
by my nephew
from an old gear
and a truck filter...
all are perfect
for the intended 

Maybe not your typical gifts,
maybe not your typical lives,
but accurate reflections
of who we all are!

I wouldn't have it any other way!

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