Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If reports are to be believed, Lance Armstrong was tearful – which isn’t the same thing as honest.

I mean, come on… the guy lied under oath multiple times.
Does anyone really think he's going to spill his guts and admit culpability to Oprah?
Especially since, if he did, he’d open himself up to numerous perjury charges.
Hopefully all his money bought him better legal representation than that!
We'll see... well, you may; I'll be working.
Jodi Foster – love her – and I get what she meant about wanting to keep her private life private.

And, while I don't care one iota about her sexuality, how or with whom that gets actualized, what doesn’t she (and every other celebrity who bitches about ‘the public’ being intrusive) get about the phrase - PUBLIC figure?

No one is twisting their arms to make movies.
No one is forcing them to take the money of ‘the public’ so they can get enormous salaries and live their opulent, far from ordinary lives.
If you're looking for invisibility, become a social worker, plumber, teacher, construction worker or one of the thousand other career choices where no one cares who you are!

Acting is a choice…it feels hypocritical to be appalled that the same folks you hope will be curious enough about your latest 'project' to open their wallets and shell out money to see it may actually be curious about who you are behind all the make up and glitz.
just sayin'

The NRA predicts that all efforts at gun control will fail.
(Big surprise – because they’re obviously genuinely worried about all those law abiding hunters who need 40 rounds to bring down a deer!
PS - if they do, that's not hunting, that's blood lust!)

Here’s MY plan -
if everyone of us who oppose the policies of the NRA (and the nonsense they stand for) would JOIN the NRA – we’d have enough votes to take over – and force change - from the inside!
We’d have a majority of the vote.

Infiltration - - that’s the key!
 If you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em  - and then change ‘em!
 I think it’s worth a shot – pun intended.
Gotta love a Trattoria where the chef signs the left over box!
and, yes, the seafood risotto was just as good the second time around!

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