Friday, January 11, 2013

The grotto

Remember in 2009 when the image of the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary, for those uninitiated in RC or Anglican doctrine; documented here) appeared on one of my deck lanterns?

Not unlike her sightings on grapes
and turtles.
During the last cold snap, I walked out on the deck and the lantern had completely collapsed - with all panes shattered - except one... and guess which one?
Yup - she's still here!!

Although I've brought her inside now and installed her in a bookcase.

Walking by at night and seeing the light is an odd source of comfort...
Come on... MY Mary visitation is at least as good as theirs, right??

(Although I'm aware there's something deeply disturbing about being competitive about things of the Spirit!)
Maybe that's why she's here - - I so obviously need help!!

If one of you decides to call the media, at least give me a heads up so I can clean!

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