Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm still here...

trying to remember how I entertained myself before my camera!
Can I just say how much I HATE being without it???
The quality of my point and shoot just isn't cutting it for me... 
I feel like a total wuss complaining about it... 
trust me, I'm not used to feeling like such a First World Princess!

I found an unused gift certificate 
for  our local 'art store' 
and will be treating myself 
to more supplies this weekend.

I've also decided on a road trip to see Art Boy in KC - 
he always inspires me - 
not to mention they'll come take away 
my Mother of the Decade award 
if I don't see him soon!

Besides, I currently hate my job - 
though I love and am grateful every day 
for the folks I work with -
and desperately need a break!!
I'm running on empty.

OK, I'll admit it, 
I also am fairly close 
to deciding to get 
a back-up camera body
while my first one is 
gone for weeks...
first world problems
call for 
first world 

think of all the money I no longer spend
on hair products, coloring etc 
since I shaved my head 2 years ago!

If I was worth L'Oreal,
I'm worth a back up camera!

That's the trouble with us Americans,
we can always justify our behavior -
at least
to ourselves!

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