Sunday, January 20, 2013


Yup, that's me.

I'm also sick,
 but that makes me like most of the rest of the country. 
And, when you're sitting,
 day after day, 
at Ground Zero
 (the ER of a pediatric hospital) 
it's also to be expected.

Fluids and Kleenex... 
that's what my life has been 
reduced to.

But, here's why it feels like I've lost an appendage...
My 'good' camera got dropped.
No names, no stories to make the guilty party feel even worse but it was a significant enough jolt to warp the lens release mechanism, rendering it impossible to get the lens that's currently on the camera body off!  It also screwed with the calibration of the lens and created focusing problems.
The only solution is to send the camera body with lens back to the factory - a process that takes 4-6 weeks!

I have a point and shoot... I can use it as a fill-in.

I realize this is totally a First World problem -
 but I miss my Canon!

For 3 years, I've taken pictures every day. 
t's been my therapy and my salvation...
it's going to be a long couple of weeks.

This idea would totally have rocked
with my 'other' camera!

A Salt with a deadly weapon.

No wonder
a friend thought this
would be the perfect
sign for my door!


Mark said...

A salt it! I know how you must feel about the camera, and I know other people have it much worse than you, but......

Hey, that point and shoot did some fine work.

Donna said...

I KNOW!! I hate the reality of it!! Thought about canceling a trip to see my oldest this weekend because I won't be able to take good pictures of him!:) He'll be delighted not to have to be 'pose' ready however!