Saturday, December 1, 2012

An open letter to

Halle Berry:
Hey girlfriend... glad to hear you and your baby daddy have reached an amicable agreement about custody. I'm sure whatever is legalese for "I'll sue your boyfriends sorry ass for ambushing me and get him deported" factored into the negotiations.

You might want to take a long hard look at these two guys - and make sure you know who their mamas are, because I'm pretty sure they were separated at birth - or are the result of a French experiment in cloning. They're the same guy, sweetie! Well, they will be again when the swelling and bruising goes down.

While you're being introspective and all, you probably should also consider that ALL the men you've been married to or involved with, according to you, have been abusive swine.

I don't mean to blame the 'victim' here but you might want to take a look at what the common denominator is in all these relationships - and get some therapy.

You know that fiscal cliff y'all created a few years ago - when you were so convinced you could get rid of Obama after one term that you didn't have to work with him on anything?

Well, we're there again; you're still doing nothing and, in case you didn't get the message on Election day, a majority of people in this country agree with raising taxes on you and your millionaire cronies.

We no longer believe (in fact some of us never did) that 'trickle down' works ... the tax breaks for all you fat cats have been in place for years and they've done absolutely nothing to get money moving or jobs created.

So get off your high horse, start acting like grownups instead of petulant children and actually do the work you're paid WAAYY too much to do!

Or, at the next cliff you come to - feel free to jump off!

Cheese was a good idea...
 it worked well today at lunch with your shrimp.

Puppies were a great idea too - especially one that supervised tree trimming today, so I could get our Christmas on.

Just thought you should know I'm grateful.
Thank you.


aimee said...

Don't leave that puppy unattended...I might kidnap her! Too cute!

Donna said...

Do I need to post a sign - NO large bags allowed in the house?! LOL!

aimee said...

I guess walking in with a large duffel bag would be too obvious?