Saturday, December 22, 2012

Messages in a bottle

Sometimes, I can't figure out 
whether a gift says more about the giver
or the recipient.

Within the space of 30 minutes yesterday,
I got two bottles of wine 
from doctors at work.

I work VERY closely with both docs - 
and appreciate the gesture -
even if I don't drink much wine.

Being the child of an alcoholic
I've always been pretty careful about my consumption.
wine frequently triggers a headache and allergies,
 so, if I'm gonna imbibe,
I'm more a hard liquor kind of gal!

there they appeared
on my desk - 
and the choices made me smile -
and wonder about the subliminal implications 
of each. 

Hint, hint?
Clearly Doc #1 didn't take the sexual harassment seminar seriously!

And Doc #2 
apparently thinks if I take advantage 
of the hint of Doc #1, 
I'd be able to get away with it!
Pondering the implications of it all 
gave me a headache 
without either bottle
 being uncorked!

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