Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend randomness

Anyone else feel that all the coverage about the "fiscal cliff"
is a form of political water torture?

Did we not get enough of that during the interminable election process?

All I know is if you and I refused to do our damn jobs
we'd be fired!

Although when you're going over a cliff
the time has passed
to argue about who designated the driver!
Death might take a holiday
but child abuse certainly hasn't...
if cases at the end of the year
are any indication,
kids are in for another sadly dangerous year
 in 2013.
I was sad to see Christmas trees at the curb already...
I'm a 12 days of Christmas girl myself...
this will stay up until Epiphany.
I'm just not willing to give up the sparkle until then!
LOVE the purity and beauty of paperwhites

and we FINALLY have a measurable snow!

What fun to watch Oreo decide 
how much time she wants to spend outside -
and see her 'cozy up' back inside...
what a great snow baby!
Off to play outside with the camera,
enjoy time with friends,
dinner and a play with family.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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