Friday, December 28, 2012

The gift of tears

She was hesitant as she approached, inquiring almost reluctantly, "Are you okay? I noticed you crying."

I smiled and thanked her for caring enough to ask, reassuring her that, in my world, crying is NOT the same as not being alright!

Truth is, I was feeling sad.
I was missing people who I've loved and who aren't here anymore.
I even surprised myself with who got included on the list.

When did tears get to be exclusively an indication that you're not OK?

Yes, they may indicate depression; yes, they signal sadness and loss...
but, for me, as someone who has paid the equivalent of several advanced degrees at Ivy League schools to various therapists, they also represent the ability to feel and the ability to express those feelings and I, at long last, believe that's healthy, not harmful!

It's a gift to have survived over 6 decades, to have invested enough in human relationships that I can feel sad when they end - or end up differently than I had hoped.

So, thanks for asking but, while I may be crying, I'm at least fully aware - and that's more than fine!

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