Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blind spots...and random thoughts

The more I read about the Newtown shootings, the more I am in awe at the power of blind-spots, especially those we, as parents, have about our children.

By all accounts, Nancy Lanza was generous, outgoing and a loving mother - yet, from the information being made public so far, I think she exercised incredibly poor judgment when it came to her son.

I appreciate that the information is not a full account - and may, in fact, be inaccurate.

In fact, I remember first hearing that Nancy Lanza was a single mom and a teacher at the school where the shooting took place. It just took one look at her home for me to know that wasn't true...
at least not without an additional source of income.

Hearing that she was divorced, with nearly $290,000 a year in alimony - plus all education and health insurance expenses paid for her kids - made the house more understandable, but also raised more troubling questions.

WHY, when she recognized her son was troubled and "on the spectrum", didn't she get him the psychiatric and educational help he needed? If he's disturbed enough that you tell a babysitter to never leave him alone, then why home school when residential treatment or an alternative school may have been more appropriate? And WHY, in the name of all that's good and holy, do you not only buy and keep military assault weapons in your home but take your troubled kid to a shooting range and teach him to be a better shot?

I take it back... that's not merely a blind-spot - that's stupidity.
Not lack of resources, not lack of education or knowledge about how to access the system - just plain ass stupid.
I'm not implying that she deserved to die, that stupidity should be a fatal condition, but come on -when you give an arsonist matches, fuel and accelerant, aren't you, at least, a bit responsible for the conflagration that will inevitably ensue?
I hear the NRA has finally broken their silence - "to offer 'contributions' to keep our citizens safe"... why do I think that probably means a gift certificate for a discount to be redeemed at our nearest gun dealer?
Or the suggestion that kids be issued uzzis with their kindergarten backpacks?
Did you know the day AFTER the shooting in CT, new gun sales hit an all time, one day sales high - 120,000 - 130,000 MORE weapons sold as a response to this tragedy?

Citizens in this country scare me more and more...
apparently, they think they're alchemists and, that by adding more darkness to darkness, they will create light!

I don't believe they're right.
And yet, in spite of the madness, the sun came up and it's glorious.

A new day dawns
and I head to work to deal with whatever insanity walks in the door today!

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Mark said...

Thank you...thank you...thank you.
It's all to unbelievable to comprehend.
I agree with everything you just said.

Piers Morgan interviewed Larry Pratt, who is the big honcho at "Gun owners of America", and I learned 2 things. Larry Pratt is a very very dangerous man.
And piers Morgan is my new hero, he was so upset at what this guy was saying, insisting our teachers, my daughters, should be wearing semi automatic weapons while teaching, well, at one point Piers said, "you are an unbelievably stupid man."
I concur.