Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When did THIS happen?

Since when is pregnancy a disability?
Does Dr. Spock know about this??

What happened to the admonition that in preparation for LABOR - and the name says it all -  pregnant women were supposed to get all the exercise they could get... and walking topped the list as the best form of exercise there is?

Are women today such hot house flowers that they can't walk from a spot in the middle of the parking lot to the front door? Probably on their way home from yoga or Zumba class....
Honestly, it's not even the length of a football field.

What happened to the sign reserving a spot for grey haired women who have worked for the past 45 years and just wanted to run into the store on the way home and pick up a can of tomato soup?

And, at the risk of whipping out my NOW membership card, is this space just for the mothers expecting a son?  What's with the blue bow??

If I weren't SO post menopausal, I'd swear I have PMS!

But, do you blame me?
Oh... the injustice!

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