Friday, December 7, 2012

I'll have a blue Christmas...

'cause nothing quite says "Let's celebrate hope coming to us in smallness and vulnerability" like choking a 1 month old to death and, in a separate incident, beating a toddler beyond recognition - all in the same 2 day span.

And the perpetrators?
Oh come on; I've taught you better than that.... it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes.
(Although I'd take THIS Sherlock in a heartbeat!)
back to reality - - the perps?
Of course - - mothers boyfriend!

And, as is typical when these cases come to light (and you do know only about 5% of them ever go public, don't you?), TV channels trot out reps from social service agencies reminding people that parenting is hard work and they need to "count to 10" and utillize the crisis nursery.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that these are bad reminders, but can we get real here?

We need someone to speak the truth... someone with the nerve to say:

Hey chiclet. 
He wants to move in with you, rent free, so he can get out of his mothers basement or trailer.
He wants you to go work at your minimal wage job while he sits on his ass playing video games, drinking your soda, eating your cheetos and smoking your weed.
He wants to have sex with you when you come home exhausted from your shift - he wants you to make him feel needed and 'manly' instead of like the societal leech that he is.

He does NOT want to babysit your kid!
Why do you think he left the other chica and HIS child when it was born?
He has the impulse control of a gnat and anger that's triggered by air.
What in hell makes you think he's babysitting material?

Your child is YOUR responsibility and it's YOUR job to see she's cared for by people who are capable of keeping her safe.
And, if you ever see bruises on your kid when you come home, do NOT accept any bullshit story that loser makes up for you.
And be prepared to throw him under the bus the minute someone starts questioning you about what happened - or risk being seen as protecting HIM rather than your baby.

Don't worry if he goes to jail - there are plenty more like him out there...
and sadly, I have no doubt, you'll find another one just like him!

It's amazing to me that any of us in the ER get through the holiday season and still remember what we're celebrating!

Yup; I'll bet it was just like this!


Mark said...

Oh that is just horrible. What a job you have and the crazy things you must see.
And your rant, so right on.

Donna said...

I admit, my job feels harder sometimes than others... the cruelty to children is always a starker contrast around the holidays when media would have us believe everyone is in a loving mood! Maybe I'm just getting too old to do this much longer!